End of the holiday

So we have finished the holiday and are back in Melbourne. 
After Palma we went back to Barcelona for a bit and as I went to a conference, Saasha enjoyed herself wandering around the streets. 

Even though our apartment was right next door to the Picasso museum, she didn’t go due to the lines being too long and closed on a Tuesday. Not a huge shame, we saw enough of his work in Madrid. 

Saasha had a great time instead on a Gaudi tour instead. Getting a bit more background on his work. Once again seeing the La Sagrada Familia and learning lots more about it. 

Leaving the hotel for the airport we just found out the taxis in Barcelona are on strike that day! No big deal catching the bus, but a little bit of hassle when I used up all of my coins so needed to withdraw some money from the ATM. 

It was also raining that morning as well. Day 3 of rain for our entire trip. Pretty busy getting on to the bus, we were the last on and had to stand the short trip to the airport. 

Barcelona to Helsinki was quite adequate. Pre ordered some food and it was these deleicious carrot cake things. 

As Saasha was fascinated with the high end cars as taxis, thought I would surprise her with a trip in one to town. We were lucky to get a purple Mercedes Benz as well. Even though Saasha only worked this out when I told her after the car dropped us off in town. 

Wouldn’t do it again though. It was good for the entertainment value but a train is waaaay cheaper and quicker. 

Looked around town, had a bite to eat, got some souvenirs and headed back to the airport. 

Offered to go into the premium lounge instead of the normal lounge as it was quiet. Not much different but got chatting to an Australian there who could talk underwater. 

Also I had a sauna. 

In the airport. 

How cool. 

Sleepless flight to Singapore despite brilliant seats.

Showered and ate in the lounge there. Happy to report o restrained myself with deserts (sago, coconut milk and pineapple). 

Another fairly sleepless flight back home and landed without any fuss.

Breezed through the border checks and met by Patrick who graciously drove us home to a standard welcome from our animal family (Hen and Pen with their poo all over the backyard welcome and Edith was so excited she committed her breakfast). 

Wonder where the next trip will be. We certainly have had a blast and will be definitely going back to

  • Finland – more of Helsinki, also Fiskars, Lapland and St Petersburg. 
  • Barcelona and Mallorca. So much more to see and do
  • Edinburgh and Scotland in general. 



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